Top 5 Reasons to do your DBS Check Online

Are you frightened of the internet? Even people who are comfortable posting on social media or shopping online sometimes prefer to do the important stuff using pen and paper. There’s no financial incentive to doing your DBS check online. The cost is the same whether you post the form or submit it over the internet. There are however lots of other reasons why getting online is the sensible option.

1. Online catches mistakes in your DBS check

One of the most common reasons for delays in the DBS system is incorrect forms. People misspell their names, don’t include a full address history, forget to add their date of birth. If you use a paper form, these mistakes won’t be picked up until it arrives on someone’s desk at the DBS office. When you fill in the forms online, the software will automatically highlight essential fields.

2. Avoid Payment Errors

Another common error is to forget to send payment for your DBS in the envelope when you post it off. Any form which arrives without a cheque for the full amount will be sent straight back to you. The coding on the website means that you can’t submit your form to the DBS without making the payment first.

3. Eliminate Postal Delays

Perhaps the main advantage to using the online service is that it’s quicker. When you hit the “submit” button, your application reaches the DBS within seconds. Using the postal service means a walk to the post office, waiting in a queue to buy a stamp, putting it in the post box and the waiting for it to arrive at the DBS office. It might only add a couple of days to the overall processing time but if you’re in a hurry for your DBS certificate, every little helps. The one drawback is that you can’t opt to receive your DBS online as the law requires that sent out by mail.

4. Get Updates on Progress

Many of the third party websites which offer DBS checking will provide you with a secure login and password for their website. You can log in at any time and check what is happening with your application. If there is a problem you’ll be made aware of it straight away rather than having to wait for a letter in the post.

5. Transferability

If you’re comfortable with using online services, this can be extremely useful when it comes to getting access to your DBS information in the future. The DBS Update service is an online portal which provides instant access to your DBS records. There is an annual subscription fee which you pay at the time you make your first application for a disclosure check. If you switch employers, or take on a new job, just give your boss access to your records. They can log in and see your current DBS status. You can also keep track of who is logging into your account. The Update system – as the name suggests – updates automatically with any new information about you. This means that you always have a current DBS to hand.